Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chase Bank Challenege

Haciendo un solo clic, puedes votar por EARTH en un nuevo reto, para que la Universidad EARTH gane $25,000! Gracias por sus votos para apoyar la EARTH!

Just a single click and you can vote for EARTH to win $25,000 in the Chase Bank Challenge. Thank you for voting to support EARTH!


  1. Congratulations for winning the prize at Youtopia contest online! EARTH University mission is being heard and supported in more places worldwide.


  2. Hi there again,

    This is to invite you to visit: http://www.challengefuture.org/news/101 and leave a comment on my story about Haiti´s earthquake. Challenge:Future will donate 20 cents to Red Cross for each comment made, plus 10 dollars per each one of their members.